Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions). 

FAQ'sWelcome. We are experts in custom shoe dyeing and coloring shoes of all types. No longer do you have to search for a place to have your bridal, prom or pageant shoes dyed.

How do I know if my shoe fits properly before dyeing?

How do I know if my shoe is dyeable?

How do I tell you what color I want my shoes to be?

What is your policy with regards to color matching?

Is the shoe dye permanent?

Why do the color of my shoes look different in different kinds of light?

How long does the entire shoe coloring process take?


Q: How do I know if my shoe fits properly before dyeing?

A: Because your feet tend to swell during the day, we recommend that you try on your shoes late in the day, when your feet are largest in order to ensure that they fit you properly BEFORE you have them dyed. Most shoe manufacturers will NOT accept returns on dyed shoes even if they do not fit you.
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Q: How do I know if my shoe is dyeable?

A: Not all white satin, crepe & luxe shoes are dyeable. BEFORE you send us your shoes, you should contact the shoe manufacturer and ask. If we determine that a shoe is non-dyeable, we will not attempt to dye the shoe and will return it back to you at your expense.
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Q: How do I pick what color to dye my shoes?

A: When deciding on a color to dye shoes, you must ask yourself whether you want to match your dress OR whether you simply want the shoes to be complimentary color and not an exact match. If you want the shoes to match your dress, you must provide a 1” swatch sample of the dress. This can typically be obtained from the hem area on the inside of the dress. Professionally made dresses from designers can typically provide you with a fabric swatch specifically for this reason.
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Q: What is your policy with regards to color matching?

A: When it comes to color matching, we NEVER guarantee color matching without having an actual sample of the color you want matched. In addition to providing a sample, you must specify how you want us to match the color with respect to the light source (indoor vs. outdoor). It’s important that you determine where you will be wearing your dyed shoes, at an indoor or outdoor event. We will then match the color to the sample provided under the light source specified (indoor or outdoor). For more information regarding how color is affected by light, see the FAQ: “Why do the color of my shoes look different in different kinds of light” below.
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Q: Is the shoe dye permanent?

A: Although the color on dyed shoes typically cannot be completely removed, the dye IS water soluble. This means that if the shoes get wet, the shoe dye can run. Depending on the color of the shoe, it may be possible to re-dye a shoe to a darker color. For example, yellow to black.
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Q: Why do the color of my shoes look different in different kinds of light?

A: The way color is displayed to your eye is greatly affected by what light the object is being viewed under, ie. sunlight vs. indoor light. For a more detailed explanation, please click here.
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Q: How long does the entire custom dyeing process take?

A: Once we receive the shoes, it can take up to 7 business days to process your order. Then we will ship the dyed shoes back to you via UPS Ground, which can take up to 5 business days depending on where you live. So… It can take up to 12 business days from the day we receive your shoes.
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Please note not all shoes can be dyed. In general, only white satin and silk shoes that are specifically manufactured to be dyed are dyeable. Shoes manufactured in colored material cannot be dyed (including ivory shoes). If you are unsure if your shoes are dyeable, please email[email protected] or call 800-621-0029 (ask for Laura)- we will be happy to assist you in determining whether or not your shoes are dyeable. is not responsible for the cost of the return shipping of non-dyeable shoes.

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